Heat Pump Systems

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Heat Pump Systems

Highly efficient energy generation for heating and hot water.

Operating at reduced water flow temperatures allows wet underfloor heating systems to be linked very successfully to energy saving heat sources such as ground and air source heat pumps, creating much enhanced energy efficiency. GEOTEK also offer supply and installation of these systems, as mentioned, either in tandem with our underfloor heating systems or as separate installations to serve your new or existing heating and / or hot water generation requirements.

GEOTEK will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have and will offer expert guidance on the design and installation in order to create the best system for your needs.


What they do and how they work.

GEOTEK will specify, design install and commission Ground Source (GSHP) and Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) systems tailored to your specific energy requirements

  • Ground Source

GSHP's use latent solar energy stored in the ground and compress it to heat your building. The heat is extracted from the soil by means of a plastic pipe collector system which is buried in the ground and contains water mixed with a vegetable-based antifreeze material. This non-freezing liquid is environmentally friendly and circulates through the collector pipe, delivering harvested heat to the heat pump. The heat pump then compressess and converts the heat energy from the ground into usable energy for heating and, if required, hot water. Collector pipes may be installed horizontally or vertically in the ground, depending on site conditions and energy requirements.

  • Air Source

An ASHP works in exactly the same way as a GSHP, except that it utilises the heat content of the outdoor air, instead of the energy trapped in the ground.  These units use a refrigerant that boils at around -20 °C, so even the coldest external temperatures will still produce substantial transferable heat energy for the ASHP to use. One main advantage of an Air Source Heat Pump is that the cost and disruption of burying collector pipe assemblies in the ground can be avoided.                                      

  • ASHP / GSHP Principles

GEOTEK Heat pumps can reduce energy bills substantially when run efficiently. At about 45°C, they can produce four or even five times as much power as they use. This Co-efficient of Performance (COP) means that the heat pump can produce 4-5 kilowatts of energy for each kilowatt of energy provided to power it.

GEOTEK will supply and install the best machines and components available to the market to guarantee your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


Heat Pump Systems Heat Pump Systems

 Heat Pump Systems