Underfloor Heating Systems

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Underfloor Heating Systems

What they do and how they work.

Variants of the warm-water systems pictured below can be installed into practically any available floor construction in any commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic application and GEOTEK will always be happy to offer our expert advice on the best fit system for your particular application.


GEOTEK install only the best materials available and we source all our system components and zone controls only from the market-leading quality assured systems manufacturers.


GEOTEK warm-water underfloor heating utilises extremely robust temperature resistant PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes, which feed low temperature hot water (LTHW) through a circuit network within the heated floor areas. These circuits can be installed into screeds and solid floor slabs or into heat spreader plates for suspended timber floors and produce a zone of radiant heat within the floor structure, which is transmitted through into the heated space above. There are a great variety of different types of floor build up which cannot all illustrated on our website, so please contact us for further details and relevant literature if you cannot see an exact match for your requirements.

GEOTEK systems are designed to produce a radiant-heated zone of comfortable temperature within the spaces we normally occupy – i.e. from floor level up to just over head height. Because they are not heating and circulating warmed air into ceiling voids and roof spaces, GEOTEK systems are particularly energy efficient and produce extremely comfortable temperature gradients for the human body compared to conventional systems, as illustrated below. Furthermore, GEOTEK systems’ utilisation of the whole floor space to transmit radiant heat allows it to be generated using much lower water temperatures than conventional systems, which is extremely energy efficient.





Please note that GEOTEK can also supply and install electric underfloor heating systems, which utilise mains-connected heating cables within the floor structure to produce heat. Again, these are not illustrated here, so please contact us for details if this is your requirement. 

The benefits of GEOTEK Underfloor Heating

GEOTEK underfloor heating systems will be installed so that they have no visible parts. Because of the nature of the systems, there are only a limited number of moving mechanical components, which makes the systems practically maintenance free.


Some other benefits of GEOTEK underfloor heating systems are:

  • They work at lower water and air temperatures than conventional heating systems so can produce lower running costs.
  • They create much reduced air movement compared to conventional convection systems, making them more hygienic and anti-allergenic than, for example, radiators.
  • They offer greater freedom in room layout design, because they are ‘hidden’ systems.
  • They produce no localisation or cold spots. Radiant heating through your floor creates a comfortable, even spread of heat which can be controlled at lower air temperatures than conventional systems, making it, again, highly energy-efficient by comparison.
  • Heat is focussed within the ’occupied zone’, so energy is not wasted heating roof spaces and ceiling voids.

Whatever your underfloor heating requirements, contact us at GEOTEK today for a full survey a competitive estimate.


Underfloor Heating Systems Underfloor Heating Systems Underfloor Heating Systems Underfloor Heating Systems

 Underfloor Heating Systems