What are the benefits of GEOTEK underfloor heating systems?

Benefits of GEOTEK's underfloor heating systems are:

  • They work at lower water and air temperatures than conventional heating systems so can produce lower running costs.
  • They create much reduced air movement compared to conventional convection systems, making them more hygienic and anti-allergenic than, for example, radiators.
  • They offer greater freedom in room layout design, because they are ‘hidden’ systems.
  • They produce no localisation or cold spots. Radiant heating through your floor creates a comfortable, even spread of heat which can be controlled at lower air temperatures than conventional systems, making it, again, highly energy-efficient by comparison.
  • Heat is focussed within the ’occupied zone’, so energy is not wasted heating roof spaces and ceiling voids.

GEOTEK underfloor heating systems will be installed so that they have no visible parts. Because of the nature of the systems, there are only a limited number of moving mechanical components, which makes the systems practically maintenance free.