Geotek Heating Ltd... About us

Here at Geotek Heating Ltd specialises in the design, supply & installation of ground and air source heat pump units, underfloor heating systems and floor screeds.

We provide a complete design and installation of energy efficient ground and air source heat pumps, underfloor heating systems and floor screeds. Our installations can be designed to accommodate all commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic applications.

Geotek offer complete system designs and colour CAD layout drawings. These demonstrate your system has been designed for optimum energy usage and output performance and are included at no extra charge. GEOTEK also offer a full after-installation commissioning service to fine-tune your system and controls to achieve maximum efficiency. From your  initial enquiry through to final commissioning your system, GEOTEK will be with you all the way to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Our Personnel have all been active in the renewable heat source and underfloor heating industries for a decade, designing, supplying and installing heating systems and screeds.   

Geotek is also recognised as an Authorised Partner by some of the major systems manufacturers and market-leading system suppliers in the country, because of its design and installation expertise.

Of course, being the best at what you do does not mean you can be complacent about value for money. With our wealth of practical experience, GEOTEK will always offer you the most competitive supply and install price for your heat pump assembly, and underfloor heating system, as well as full screeding and commissioning services, if required.

Please feel to contact us for more information about our services and products...